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War, Peace and Capitalism: Is Capitalism the Harbinger of Peace or the Greatest Threat to World Peace?

One of the political arguments for capitalism has always been that it could tie people up with the relatively benign business of moneymaking, thus diverting them from the more nefarious activities of seeking power and making war, to which they might otherwise be prone (Hirschman 1977). It is still often presumed that capitalism is pacific, because it knits people together within and among countries in the bustle of production and exchange, consuming their attention and raising the costs of war. A very different idea of the properties of capitalism is captured by Wood: ‘I am convinced…that capitalism cannot deliver world peace. It seems to me axiomatic that the expansionary, competitive and exploitative logic of capitalist accumulation in the context of the nation-state system must, in the longer or shorter term, be destabilising, and that capitalism – and at the moment its most aggressive and adventurist organising force, the government of the United States – is and will for the foreseeable future remain the greatest threat to world peace’ (1995, p. 265 – see Chapter 9). This chapter discusses whether there is a clear Marxist position on war or on the links between war and capitalism. It then shows the consequences of not adopting a historical political economy perspective. It argues for the relevance of a historically minded analysis of contemporary war in which the role of capitalism – advanced and nascent – is central but complex.
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